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rc stunt plane, helicopter and jet do tricks and crash

Whether youíre nine or ninety, if you love cars and enjoy tinkering with things, youíll get hours of enjoyment and excitement from RC cars. But there are a lot of things involved in getting to the race, and if youíre new to RC vehicles and RC racing, youíve probably got a lot of questions.

Thereís a lot to choose from when it come to RCís, and if youíre a newcomer, you may need help choosing off and on-road, electric or nitro remote control cars. The more you know about RC cars, the better youíll be able to choose the right vehicle for you.

Most people donít realize just how exciting RC vehicles have becomeóthe hobby quality RC cars made and raced today have can get up to speeds of 60 mph and feature suspension systems that can be tuned just like a real car. Perhaps the most exciting part is the wide variety of types of RC vehicles: you can drive a race car, run a monster truck on dirt tracks or even fly a plane!

Because of this, though, you should consider just what you plan to use your RC for before you decide to buy. On-road or racing cars are made for speed, while off-road vehicles like buggies are mean to take more rugged terrain. Plus, you can choose to buy your RC ready to run out of the box or as a kit to build it yourself. These and many other aspects are important to know before you buy your first RC.
There are RC cars and trucks for every kind of driver: nitro engines for the speed demon, reliable ready to run electric cars for touring, and for the advanced, even planes to fly. The electric cars run quietly and so are better suited to run right in your neighborhood, while the nitro motors give you the real feel of the racetrack. What you buy should depend on your experienceóchoose your RC according to your experience to avoid frustration later on.

Something to keep in mind from the outset is that RC vehicles are a high-end hobby, and can get quite expensive. If you plan to race your car, there are additional costs that come with competition. But if youíre prepared for the cost, and if you make your purchases carefully, youíll be rewarded with an amazing new hobby whose rewards certainly outweigh the cost. These are the decisions that need to be made before you buy:

ï Do you want a ready to run car or do you want build your own?
ï Do you want an on-road or an off-road RC vehicle?
ï Which is right for you- a nitro or an electric RC?
ï What type of RC vehicle do you want- and what size?

No matter what you decide, if you keep your own experience and commitment level in mind, youíll be certain to get the car thatís right for you.

Whether you race them or just tinker with their engines, RC cars are a great hobby for kids of all ages. Though it might seem overwhelming at first, youíll find that the most you work on your car and the more times you race, the more fun and exciting this hobby can be!

The Race Is On!

what are the laws in Oregon about flying RC planes?

I want to fly my nitro plane on a huge field where there are building houses but the field only has houses on one side. I live in Tigard OR

The right thing to do is to find the people that take care of the place at night talk to them..., contact your local sheriff and ask hem about it, and read the MAA rules and regulations!

Now the thing that the law is concern about is property damage! YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT EVEN IF YOU LOOSE YOUR PLANE. it will no cost no property damage!

after that no one will give you a harsh time when you fly your plane!
Good luck.

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